Travel Maze: Hungry Nights in Luxury Hotels

If you fly into many major U.S. cities late, don't count on getting room service at your high-end hotel -- or even finding a decent meal nearby: Late-night dining options are frequently off the table, even if you're staying at the best hotel in town.

Brunch Nation: Why It's the Hottest Meal of the Year

The recession has turned us into a nation who brunches. It makes sense that in hard times, a restaurant outing that combines two meals into one would become as hot as jalapeño-cheddar frittata. Brunch traffic rose more than 8% for 2009 while traffic for all other meals was down.

Hey CSPI, hands off my salt shaker!

The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently released a report condemning the love affair our restaurants have been having with salt. In...

Are you a Busy Izzy or a Stable Mable?

The Canned Food Alliance, in an effort to better identify moms to target advertising, has commissioned a study that places women in four categories....

Potluck is the new dinner party

Remember the 'hostess gift'? In the glittery nineties, if you were invited to someone's house for a party during dinner time, you offered to bring...