Why You May Never Retire

Unlike many folks who dream of retirement, my 88-year-old father refuses to close up shop. Here's why.

Rules of Engagement Rings: How to Save on Bridal Bling

The average diamond engagement ring costs $3,500, but those prices don't appear to deter those in love. Still, you don't have to overspend en route to "I do." Soon-to-be-wed DailyFinance reporter Ross Urken did his homework before hitting the jewelry store, and shares what he learned.

5 Outlandish Insurance Claims Overturned in 2011

Bogus burglaries, fake funerals, self-inflicted air rifle assaults -- people go to great lengths to convince insurers to cut a check to cover their personal and financial losses. But the financial gain from phony pain and suffering is often short-lived.

Why Jewelry Sales Will Shine This Holiday Season

Are diamonds the ultimate recession buy? Recent data seems to suggest that our current economic turbulence is sending some Americans to the jewelers. Fine jewelry sales are expected to sparkle this holiday season, outshining much of the rest of the retail sector.

Tiffany Earnings Rise 19%, Raises Full-Year Outlook

Tiffany & Co.'s fiscal second-quarter net profit rose 19% thanks to solid growth in most regions, the company reported Friday. For the quarter that ended July 31, the jewelry store chain said its net profit rose to $67.7 million, matching analysts' expectations.

CEO of Diamond Giant De Beers to Resign

De Beers' CEO Gareth Penny announced plans to step down as soon as a replacement is found, saying the time has come to wind down his oversight of the world's largest diamond producer, according to a report in Reuters.

I do. I don't. Sold!

You thought your love would last forever. Your rings were a symbol of that love. And then one (or both of you) changed your mind. And now those...