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Tax refund scams on the rise

As Tax Day creeps closer, tax refund scams are on the rise. A number of fake tax refund schemes have been made public in recent days, as the Justice...

Microsoft Publicly Takes Google to Task Over Its Practices

Microsoft criticized Google for failing to adequately respond to a recent European Commission investigation into its market share and practices. In a blog post, Microsoft's deputy general counsel wrote that Google is trying to place the blame on Microsoft rather than take responsibility for its own actions.

Hidden Crime: Domestic Violence Against Men

Amid the media frenzy over Tiger Woods, a key aspect was overlooked: He was not alone as a male victim of domestic violence. And beyond its physical and psychological costs, domestic violence against men exacts an economic toll.

Monster Merger of Ticketmaster, Live Nation Approved

Live Nation and Ticketmaster Entertainment on Monday reportedly received approval for their merger from the Justice Department. The move paves the way for Live Nation Ticketmaster, a titanic entertainment company that would handle ticketing, artist management, and live music, with managing interests in about 350 artists and exclusive booking and promotional deals with more than 125 U.S. venues.

Google Search Market Lead Gains over Rivals

Google continued its seemingly unstoppable climb upward in search market share in December. The Web giant's search engine accounted for 65.7% of Americans' 14.7 billion searches for the month, up from 65.6% in November. No. 2 Microsoft's share lagged far behind at 10.7%.

Johnson & Johnson Fights Charges of Recalls and Kickbacks

Johnson & Johnson shares are rebounding as the drugmaker tries to recover from a rough week, when the Justice Department charged it with paying kickbacks to a pharmacy company to boost sales of its drugs to nursing-home patients, and the Food and Drug Administration accused it of being too slow with its product recall during a Tylenol scare.