Mom, Money and Alzheimer's

When a parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, it's up to the adult children to protect their finances, by getting power of attorney, monitoring accounts, and using other tactics. Here's how Cameron Huddleston of Kiplinger did it.

Shedding $120,000 in Credit Card Debt Saved Her Life

When Franny Bostick thinks back on where she and her husband Jim were six years ago, with more than $120,000 in debt on 13 credit cards, she shudders. They not only faced financial ruin, but she also was on her way to a potentially catastrophic health crisis. But they turned it around. Here's how.

Your Money Brain Explained: Why Saving Is So Hard

Why do we procrastinate about financial decisions when we know that putting them off hurts us in the long run? Why do we splurge today instead of saving for retirement? And when is the brain at its prime in terms of decision-making? Harvard economist David Laibson joins DailyFinance's Laura Rowley in New York's Central Park with his insights.

Can GE and J&J Help Detect Alzheimer's Earlier?

Medical imaging and diagnostics powerhouse GE Healthcare teams up with pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to research methods of detecting Alzheimer's in patients -- even before they begin to exhibit symptoms of the devastating disease.

The Price of Aging: Will It Break National Budgets?

Thirty out of 49 major developed countries could see their credit ratings plummet to junk status if they don't make changes soon, says a Standard & Poor's study. The biggest problem is health care spending on the elderly, particularly for long-term care.

The High Costs of Dementia Are Set to Soar Worldwide

Its total worldwide costs for 2010 are estimated to be $604 billion, or around 1% of the world's GDP, according to World Alzheimer Report 2010 from Alzheimer's Disease International. By 2030, that burden could hit more than $1.1 trillion.

Is belly fat making you demented?

People complain that being out of shape is driving them crazy, and a new study shows that it might be making them demented too.A study published in...