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For Investors, Defense Isn't Always the Best Offense

The market's recent volatility might make defensive investing seem appealing. But S&P Equity Research analysts caution that focusing too much on defensive sectors could have negative repercussions as well. Here's how to play smarter defense.

Playing Smart Defense in a Volatile Market

Defense is the best offense, according to some savvy strategists, as intense volatility continues to rock the market. Here are some solid defensive stocks -- and some offensive stocks to avoid.

Face-Off: Energizer, P&G, Spectrum Brands

Hot summer weather got us thinking about short summer haircuts, which is as good a way as any to take a closer look at some consumer staples stocks. Save for utilities, no other sector has held up as well in a down market.

Five Key Strategies for Defensive Investing

When stock markets crash, it seems there is a little investors can do to protect their holdings. But if you plan ahead, you could come out mostly unscathed. Here are five strategies money managers say will help you to safeguard your portfolio.