8 Signs Your Identity Has Been Compromised

While frequent data breaches may have desensitized some consumers to identity theft, it%u2019s still important to pay attention to early warning signs your info is being used illegally.

This Bright-Eyed Young Man Was Utterly Demolished By Student Loans

Even as total outstanding student debt rises to $1 trillion, lawmakers have yet to allow loans to be discharged in bankruptcy. Without an escape clause, these loans can strangle a person. Take 36-year-old Nick Keith, who remains $142,000 eight years after graduating from culinary school.

Abusive Collection Agency Ordered to Halt Operations

As part of its effort to crack down on scams that target Americans in financial distress, the FTC has sued more than 30 debt collection companies. On Wednesday, another one, Rincon Debt Management made the list and was shut down. Do you know your rights against abusive debt collectors?

Will Debt Collectors Burn Up Your Cell Phone Minutes?

Hundreds of thousands of borrowers who are behind on their federal student loans could soon receive some unwanted -- and expensive -- attention. A provision in President Obama's deficit reduction plan would allow debt collectors to chase down delinquent borrowers on their cell phones.

Debt collector hell? Know your rights

Last year, Jennifer Dicks bought a Chevy Cavalier, she says, from a company that promised a 100% approval rate on auto loans. Then times got tougher,...

Who will bail out the Feds?

They said it couldn't be done. They were wrong. Since the late 1970's I've been laughed at, both behind my back and in my face, for saying this day...