data theft

Scammers Hacking Computers by Calling Victims on the Phone

The latest scam: A con artist calls you on the phone, poses as a technician from a big company like Microsoft, and claims he's detected a virus on your computer. He (or she!) then asks for access to your computer in order to "help" you. From there, the scheme can become one of several moneymaking ploys.

Bank of America Settles Data Theft Claims

Bank of America Corp (BAC) will offer free services and reimbursement for losses to as many as 17 million consumers to settle allegations of data theft related to its Countrywide Financial mortgage unit. The accord settles more than 30 lawsuits filed since Aug. 2008, The Los Angeles Times reported. Federal authorities accused Rene L. Rebollo, who worked for the Countrywide subprime division, of downloading confidential information on customers and selling it to employees of other mortgage lenders to use as sales leads.