dark pools

'Dark Pools': Are Hidden Trades Undermining the Stock Market?

When the market closing bell rings, you may believe trading activity ends for the day. But behind the scenes, stock trading continues in "dark pools": secondary stock markets that operate out of sight of the average investor and beyond the reach of regulators.

Two Years After Lehman, Muriel Siebert Warns of Danger Ahead

Muriel "Mickie" Siebert, the grande dame of Wall Street, says that Lehman Brothers should never have collapsed, that government's steps were a necessary evil and that there is a still a need for more regulation. She warns that left unregulated, the markets and the economy could still face turmoil ahead.

Latency Arbitrage Skims $3 Billion Off Retail Investors

For retail investors hoping to build retirement savings or fund kids' education, latency arbitrage skims off some $3 billion a year from their gains. Find out how the practice allows big hedge funds to profit -- without risk -- from a rigged market.