Global Food Prices Highest in 20 Years

Global food prices are the highest in more than 20 years as rising oil prices stemming from civil unrest in the Middle East have caused the cost of items like cereal, dairy products and meat to increase, a United Nations agency said in a report released Thursday.

The War Over Raw Milk: A Battle Heats Up

The FDA has long banned interstate sales of raw milk, and many states restrict or prohibit the sale of raw milk entirely. After several crackdowns by federal and state agencies, raw milk drinkers are fighting back.

Recall: There's dairy in my sorbet!

Sorbet is a simple food for people who have shunned off dairy like myself. The best sorbet has three ingredients, sugar, ice and fruit (or a...

Cows with names produce more milk

A university published a study a few weeks ago with a fascinating result. Probably because that university is in Newcastle, England, and the subject...