cyber attack

Obama to Order National Defense Against Cyber Attacks Beefed Up

Cyber attacks have hit a host of major U.S. companies and government agencies in recent months, an issue President Obama may address in his State of the Union Tuesday -- and then in an executive order aimed at improving our defenses against them on Wednesday.

China Rebuffs the U.S. Over Internet Criticism

A representative of the Chinese government said Saturday that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was being "disrespectful" when she urged U.S. companies to stand up to internet censorship in authoritarian countries like China.

U.S. Wants China to Explain Cyber Attack on Google

A day after Google said it might quit China after a cyber attack hacked the Gmail accounts of human rights activists there, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked China's leaders for an explanation. Free speech advocates, meanwhile, praised the search giant's decision to remove censorship filters in the country.