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Financial Spring Cleaning: 4 Steps to a Fresh Money Start

The return of warmer weather is an cue for many of us to clear out the debris that has gathered over the winter. But it's not just the house and the yard that could benefit. Here's a step-by-step guide to spring cleaning your finances.

10 Steps to Cutting Your Cable TV Bill

The monthly cable or satellite bill arrives in the mailboxes of just under 100 million American households each month. The average digital cable bill...

Retailers Cut Corners to Avoid Apparel Price Hikes

Expect your T-shirts to get a little bit thinner next year -- and maybe even a little more expensive. Apparel retailers are looking high and low for ways to keep from passing on too much of their own rising costs to consumers. The trick: Doing it without compromising on quality.

The new "necessities" for consumers

Who knew that the list of "necessities" for consumers would be an ever-expanding laundry list of things? Back in the day, food, clothing, and shelter...