Financial Meltdown Accountability: Bring On the Class Actions!

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission's report concludes that ineffective regulators and big banks were the primary causes of the financial meltdown. Next stop: Government and class action lawsuits to recoup some of what we all lost, and (please please please) criminal charges against the worst offenders too.

Legal Briefing: Did Novartis Punish a Rape Victim?

Among the most startling pieces of testimony in the Novartis sex discrimination trial was an account of woman's rape by a man connected to her boss. More shocking was the company's alleged response. Even in a case the law says must be decided on dry statistics, such devastatingly emotional testimony is likely to color the verdict.

WSJ: Federal Criminal Probe Looks Into Goldman Trading

Federal prosecutors are conducting a criminal investigation into whether Goldman Sachs or its employees committed securities fraud in connection with mortgage trading, The Wall Street Journal reports. The Manhattan U.S. Attorney's Office is heading the preliminary investigation.

Stanford gets public defender

Someone needs to remind R. Allen Stanford that he isn't rich any more. Getting ready to stand trial for a variety of hefty charges, he wanted a...

Don't be a victim of office creepers!

Most criminals know that the best way to successfully commit a crime is to allow their victims to remain comfortable. The very worst criminals are...