How to Prep for a (Possible) Double-Dip Recession

Is America headed for the Great Recession, part two? The talking heads are still in heated debate on the issue. But for those of us who aren't pundits, there's a more important question: What should we be doing now, just in case economic lightning does strike twice?

Why More People Are Rejecting Their Credit Cards

In the past year, millions of Americans have significantly cut their use of credit cards in an effort to take control of their financial lives. But some people are taking an even more radical step -- going cold turkey on plastic and paying for everything with good old-fashioned cash and checks.

Embarrassing Money Issues Solved

lynnette Khalfani-Cox - embarassing money issuesWhether you're drowning in debt or still owe your parents money, many people have a few money anxieties and embarrassing money issues that they...

Find me a money coach...quick!

It's a dream assignment, to be sure. Work with a half dozen "Life coaches" and report back on the findings in the pages of a major magazine. It...

What will you do with your tax rebate?

For years, my wife and I have treated our tax refund as a savings account, using it to fund travel or house projects. (Yes, I know how dumb I am to...