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More People Repaid Credit Card Debt in October

U.S. credit card delinquencies fell in October to the lowest levels of the year as more people were able to restart payments on their consumer debt, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing company filings.

10 dumb reasons to take out a loan

Going to a bank for a personal loan for plastic surgery, overextending a credit card to buy Christmas gifts, and borrowing from a 401k retirement...

Confessions of a Debt Wimp: My First Credit Card

Not long ago, DailyFinance's Hugh Collins -- a 28-year-old, Belfast-born U.S. resident -- had yet to experience a truly American phenomenon: owning a credit card. Once he finally secured one, though, he quickly discovered the immense power, allure -- and danger -- of plastic.

House or Food? Consumers Protect Their Credit Cards

Normally, it would be considered a positive sign that people are reducing their credit card debt load. But a series of statistical releases this week confirms an ominous new trend among desperate consumers: They have stopped paying their mortgages but are continuing to pay off their credit cards so they can continue to buy staples, like food.

Credit card delinquency improves

America, give yourself a pat on the back. According to new data from the American Bankers Association, more of us are paying our credit cards and...

Congress Steps Up the Battle Over Card 'Swipe Fees'

An increasingly heated debate about so-called swipe fees, the estimated $48 billion that merchants pay to banks and credit card companies for the use of those ubiquitous debit card terminals, is taking place in Congress as it considers a package of reforms that could limit how much merchants can be charged for debit card transactions.