Teen's Facebook Posting Gets Her Mom's House Robbed

An Australian newspaper reports that a 17-year-old was helping her grandma count her savings when she decided to snap a photo of some wads of cash and post it to Facebook. Not long after, a pair of robbers arrived at her family's home.

Why Aren't You Making Money on YouTube?

The next time you find yourself "wasting" hours going through clips on YouTube, start thinking about the ways that you could make money through online videos. There's definitely profit to be had for the enterprising souls who make them.

8 Things to Buy Secondhand, and When to Buy New

Between thrift stores, consignment shops, and the vast bazaar of the Internet, you almost never have to pay full price for any item you might desire. Here are eight things it's especially smart to shop for secondhand -- as well as those special cases in which you'll want to pony up and buy it new.

What Can You Get for $5? On Fiverr, Almost Anything

If all you need is $5 worth of expert help, Fiverr has your number. For the price of a fast-food combo meal, this online marketplace will connect you with someone to proofread your business plan, repair an HTML bug, or whatever you might need. With 500,000 listings, it seems almost any service can be sold in $5 increments.

Would You Buy Birth Control Pills on Craigslist?

For sexually active women and men who use contraception, the cost of birth control ranges from $10 to $100 or more a month. That's not terribly high, but in tough economic times, the impact of that expense is magnified. We run down the options and the prices for avoiding an unplanned pregnancy.

In 2010, One Site Ruled Them All: Facebook

Facebook ruled the Internet in 2010. It was both the most-searched term -- accounting for 2.11% of all searches -- and the top-visited website, attracting 8.93% of all U.S. visits, compared to Google's 7.19%.

EBay Beats Earnings and Revenue Estimates

EBay shot past the high-end of its third quarter earnings estimates Wednesday, even as the e-commerce giant struggles to hold onto sellers and grow its gross merchandise volume.

eBay Gets Partial Win in Craigslist Poison Pill Lawsuit

Internet auction giant eBay won't have to swallow Craigslist's poison pill after all, a Delaware Chancery Court ruled on Thursday. The online classified ads giant illegally diluted eBay's equity stake in the company after eBay decided to enter the classified ad market itself.

State AGs Want Craigslist's Adult Section Closed

Craigslist received a joint letter from 17 state attorneys general demanding that its adult services ad section be shut down immediately. It's the states' latest move against a part of the site that allegedly touts prostitution and child trafficking.

Despite Crackdown, Craigslist's Sex Ads Are Thriving

Craigslist has provided the sex industry a clearinghouse to advertise and connect. Attorneys General from across the country have worked with Craigslist to clean up the site, but with relatively little success. Now Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has subpoenaed the company to see exactly what it is (or is not) doing to deliver on its promises.

Top 10 iPad apps to save you money

After investing at least $500 in your new Apple iPad, you're going to need a few apps to complete the experience. And while there are still...

What It Takes to Get Your Hands
on an iPad

Here's a healthy dose of reality for all of those iPad lusters out there who didn't pre-order the device weeks ago: Either prepare to wait or prepare to pay up. As with any hot product that just hits store shelves, there will be lines and there will be people who are trying to make a buck.