Squeezing Seniors: Social Security Stays Flat as Prices Rise

Besides the unemployed, nobody is getting hurt worse in this economy than seniors. Prices on many commodities are skyrocketing, but the Consumer Price Index, which is the yardstick used to adjust Social Security for inflation, is virtually unchanged.

September's 0.1% CPI Has the Fed on Deflation Alert

The current flatness in prices isn't what the Federal Reserve wants. It would much rather see a little more inflation in the economy. Says Great Depression scholar Ben Bernanke: "Further disinflation would be unwelcome." The Fed has work to do on that score.

What's Missing From Google's Proposed Inflation Index

The search giant may use its vast database of Web-shopping data to construct a daily measure of inflation called the Google Price Index, or GPI. It can be calculated much quicker than the official CPI, but it covers only what can be sold on the Web.

What Will the Fed Do With So-So Results?

The recent stream of modestly positive economic reports means the Fed probably won't take any further action to stimulate the economy at its meeting on Tuesday. But nobody is calling the economy healthy yet, and the debate over what the Fed should do next has the FOMC deeply divided.

August's Inflation Rate Eases Deflation Risks

August's as-expected 0.3% consumer price index rise provides shows the U.S. economy is experiencing disinflation, or lower inflation, but not outright deflation. Still, current levels are about as low as the Fed wants inflation to be.

Why It Looks Like a Slow-Growth Market Ahead

Earnings season gave a lift to stocks, but now the market is focused again on the global economy and U.S. macroeconomic issues. FBN Securities' Cort Gwon says that even in a market like this one that's stuck in a trading range, investors can find ways to profit.

Growth and Deflation Fears Drop Stocks 3.3% This Week

The bear came back with a roar this week. Just a week earlier, better-than-expected corporate earnings sent stocks soaring. But this week, renewed worries from the Fed about the U.S. economic recovery led the forces pushing stocks down about 375 points over a three-day period.

Just Enough Inflation? Core CPI Up 0.2% in June

The Consumer Price Index fell 0.1% in June, but the core rate rose a higher-than-expected 0.2%, which suggests that the slowing U.S. economic recovery has lowered inflation. But it hasn't triggered deflation -- at least not yet.

Forget Inflation: May Consumer Prices Dipped 0.2%

The CPI fell 0.2% in May -- its second straight monthly decline -- and prices are now up just 2% in the past 12 months. That level of inflation is just about as low as the Federal Reserve can tolerate before it starts to fear an even worse economic troublemaker: deflation.

CPI Remained Tame in March, Rising Just 0.1%

More than a year into the record fiscal stimulus spending package, and there's little sign of inflation -- so far. With March's figure in, consumer prices in the past year are up 2.3% and the core rate is a slim 1.1% higher.

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