Another Way Banks Make Everyone Pay: The MERS Mess

The Mortgage Electronic Registration System was created by banks to save themselves a boatload in fees by keeping mortgage transfers off the books of local governments. Now, a New York judge says the whole system violates state law, and banks holding MERS mortgages there can't foreclose. So where will this chaotic mess go from here?

Why Facebook, Twitter and Jurors Don't Mix

With so many jurors talking about cases they're on via social networks, judges are now updating their warnings to jurors about the sanctity of jury deliberations to include social media. Some are even confiscating smartphones in the courtroom.

Courts in Crisis: Caseloads Rise as Budgets Fall

Court systems nationwide are facing two forces that could merge into a major crisis in 2010: Caseloads driven by the recession are flooding the courts at the same time as judicial systems are being forced to deal with budget cuts.

Craigslist Vs. eBay in Delaware

The two Internet pioneers are facing off in a legal battle is as old as commerce itself -- a business deal gone sour. How much power eBay has on Craiglist's board of directors is the issue being hammered out in a trial that began Monday.

Getting out of jury duty the hard way

Erik Slye really didn't want to miss work earlier this year when he was called to serve on a Montana jury. The 36-year-old man sent a notarized...