Maple Syrup Heist Hikes Price of a Pancake Breakfast

If you're relaxing at home enjoying a pancake breakfast this New Year's morning, savor it while you can. The brazen theft, over the course of a year, of millions of gallons of maple syrup from Canada's strategic syrup reserve (yes, there apparently is such a thing), could spell higher prices for the "liquid gold" in 2013.

Would You Buy Birth Control Pills on Craigslist?

For sexually active women and men who use contraception, the cost of birth control ranges from $10 to $100 or more a month. That's not terribly high, but in tough economic times, the impact of that expense is magnified. We run down the options and the prices for avoiding an unplanned pregnancy.

Is Inflation Really 1.6%, or Is the BLS Getting Scammed?

Government measures show that inflation, at 1.6% in January, is still below the Fed's target of 2%. But commodity prices are soaring, and anyone who pays their household bills knows that food and energy prices are rising because of it. Is the Consumer Price Index getting it wrong?

Face-Off on Stocks: Costco, BJ's, Wal-Mart

Retail stocks tend to rise ahead of other sectors in the early stages of an economic recovery, and so far, following a familiar pattern, both up-market and discount chains have benefited at the expense of middle-market players. So is this the time to buy stock in wholesale clubs?

Retail Sales Get Holiday Boost

The nation's retailers are reporting signs of life in December sales figures that show modest holiday gains. Several are raising profit outlooks because they didn't have to resort to drastic price-cutting because of lean inventories.

Costco to accept food stamps

Call it a sign of the times -- or at least a sign of the lingering effects of the recession and ongoing unemployment. According to several media...

All signs point to a jobless recovery

The job situation just refuses to right itself. New jobless claims didn't fall as much as expected last week, and the number of people receiving...

Y r txt mssgs so shrt? Nt wht u think

The only people who don't know about text messages these days are 90-year-olds and infants. Even if you don't use the feature, it is available on...

Retail sales show some signs of life

Have retail sales turned the corner? Many chains reported that same-store sales were merely awful instead of cataclysmic. The major stock indexes...

Best Buy's next challenge: Wal-Mart?

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) believes that Best Buy's (BBY) next big challenge will be its competition with Wal-Mart (WMT). That...

Costco: Retail is not dead

Costco (COST) may be trading just above $40, which is near a 52-week low, but its fiscal second quarter earnings show that retail is not dead -- at...

Makeover needed: Weddings

The average wedding in America will cost $28,704 in 2008, according to industry watcher The Wedding Report. That's a slight dip from 2007, but the...