cost of living

The South Offers Most Bang for Cost of Living Buck

Everyday expenses have a direct effect on the price of doing business, which is why CNBC measures the cost of living when it does its survey of the top states for business. So where would a business find a state where the cost of living is low? The survey results point to the South.

Social Security Administration Says No Cost of Living Adjustment in 2011

There will be no cost-of-living increase in social security payments for 2011, the second straight year without an increase. The Social Security Administration said today that inflation is too low to justify an increase, The Associated Press reported. The decision will affect more than 58 million retirees and disabled Americans.

Are U.S. Defense Contractors Abandoning California?

Boeing's plan to relocate two major defense programs from California to Oklahoma could signal the start of a major shift in the locations of defense contractors, and how they work. For the areas attracting the companies, it's about jobs. For the contractors, it's about remaining competitive.