copyright law

Gawker Is on Shaky Legal Ground Over Sarah Palin Book Excerpts

When Sarah Palin protested after gossip site Gawker posted pages from her upcoming book America By Heart, Gawker taunted her for her lack of knowledge about copyright law. But a federal judge has ordered Gawker to take the pages down temporarily.

Legal Briefing: You Don't Own Your Software, So You Can't Resell It

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals just ruled that a buyer of software can't resell it because the buyer doesn't really own the software. The buyer actually licensed it, so no legal resale is possible. That decision flies in the face of the established "First Sale Doctrine."

Viacom vs. YouTube/Google: Piracy or Not?

As Viacom's three-year-long copyright lawsuit against YouTube/Google reaches a crucial moment, the public finally gets to see each side's briefs in the case. Which company has the better argument? DailyFinance legal correspondent Abigail Field offers us an opinion, and a brief history of the alleged crimes.