AT&T, Union Reach Tentative Agreement on Benefits

AT&T is announcing a tentative agreement on wages, pensions and other benefits for more than 20,000 of its unionized workers. The four-year agreement covers members of the Communications Workers of America in 36 states and the District of Columbia.

How to Lend Money to Friends Without Losing Both

Lending money to friends and family ranks among the most pernicious of relationship stressors. It's not just the cash -- it's the emotions we all carry about it. But with a little planning, you can help someone out of a financial bind without putting your friendship in the red.

UAW Head Uses Ford CEO's Big Payday to Rally Union

When Ford awarded CEO Alan Mulally more than $50 million in compensation for 2010's record profit it raised eyebrows around Detroit. Now, the UAW is using that big payday as a rallying point for members as it starts negotiations to regain some of what autoworkers gave up in concessions during the downturn.

Facebook CEO: 'We' Did Not Sign Contract

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday dismissed the notion that he, or more precisely "we," ever signed a contract that could ultimately give ownership of his social networking company to New York businessman Paul Ceglia.

Who Really Owns Facebook?

Facebook's ownership is becoming murkier by the minute. During a court hearing Tuesday, the company's attorney said she was "unsure" whether founder Mark Zuckerberg signed a contract that could potentially give an 84% stake in the company to a New York businessman.

Biz Brief: Boeing, Raytheon Get New Navy Contracts

The Defense Department announced Thursday that Raytheon received an order from the Naval Air Systems Command for aircraft weapons systems worth about $9 million, and Boeing received a $25 million modification to an existing contract.

Doormen Strike Could Leave New Yorkers Hailing Their Own Cabs

Gritty New Yorkers are preparing for the worst. The Big Apple's doormen may strike, potentially leaving many apartment dwellers with no one to help them with their bags or hail a cab. There are real issues involved, but things could get ugly if Anna Wintour has to sort the recyclables.

UAW votes down Ford labor contract

The astonishing turnaround at Ford (F) has been built on three legs. The first was the company's decision to take in over $20 billion, pledging most...