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Chew On This: Gum Loses Its Pop

It's not that Americans still don't ever enjoy a stick of Trident or Orbit, they just aren't as crazy about chomping away on the stuff as they once were.

P&G Brings Back Lafley as CEO

Consumer-products giant Procter & Gamble brings back its former CEO, A.G. Lafley, a 33-year industry veteran, who left in 2009.

11 Smart Places to Invest Your Money Now

As the economic recovery takes hold and the investing landscape shifts again, it's important to adjust your investment strategy to take advantage of the new opportunities. Here are 11 areas experts think you should consider putting your money into right now:

Kraft Preview: All Eyes on Rosenfeld's Vision for Cadbury

Kraft Foods will soon become a $50 billion powerhouse when it completes its merger with Britian's Cadbury. And on Tuesday morning, when Kraft releases its latest earnings, the focus will be almost entirely on how CEO Irene Rosenfeld will manage the combined company.