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Life's Necessities Could Cost You $3,794 More in 2013

Surveying the raft of end-of-year surveys floating around right now, it quickly becomes apparent that not only are our taxes set to rise in 2013, but the cost of a whole lot of other stuff is going up, too. The question is: How much more expensive will life get in the new year? Here are the grim statistics.

Why Inflation Is Higher Than It Looks

The Consumer Price Index, which measures inflation, is only as effective as the assumptions it makes -- in this case, about what you buy. If you spend more on certain things than most people, then the CPI will do a terrible job of reflecting the prices you actually pay. In particular, retirees often don't fit the CPI profile well at all.

Chick-fil-A's CEO on Rising Costs, Family Values

For its Cow Appreciation Day Friday, Chick-fil-A gave away free sandwiches to customers who come in wearing cow costumes. We talked with CEO Dan Cathy about a herd of other issues including rising food costs, industry trends, the economy and how his values affect the company's bottom line.

The Real Problem With Inflation Isn't on Wall Street

As earlier bouts of alarmism over Europe, then a double-dip recession and then deflation fade away, a new bogeyman is taking their place: Inflation, and the damage it could do to profits and stocks. Yes, prices are rising, but the main pain will be felt worst among America's poorest.

A Little Inflation Isn't Slowing Down General Mills

Dire warnings about higher prices notwithstanding, not everyone in the consumer-staple sector expects to be a sorry victim of inflation. Count General Mills among those who aren't afraid of the inflation bogey. It has been raising prices, and analysts are applauding.

Annual Core Inflation Falls to Record Low

The nation's struggle to prevent deflation is apparently only just beginning. The 12-month core rate (excluding food and energy prices) fell to a record low 0.6% from 0.8% in September. The Fed clearly has more work to do in its battle against deflation.

September's 0.1% CPI Has the Fed on Deflation Alert

The current flatness in prices isn't what the Federal Reserve wants. It would much rather see a little more inflation in the economy. Says Great Depression scholar Ben Bernanke: "Further disinflation would be unwelcome." The Fed has work to do on that score.

What's Missing From Google's Proposed Inflation Index

The search giant may use its vast database of Web-shopping data to construct a daily measure of inflation called the Google Price Index, or GPI. It can be calculated much quicker than the official CPI, but it covers only what can be sold on the Web.

The Fed Remains on the Lookout for Deflation

Most investors know that large budget deficits can lead to an increase in inflation. However, given the current price trend, to remove fiscal, or monetary, stimulus now would be precisely the wrong policy to follow: deflation, not inflation, remains the bigger threat to the economy.

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