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Americans' Financial Health Is a Tad Better

The American consumer's financial health is showing signs of improvement, but the weak job market continues to derail the nation's economic recovery -- particularly for people in the lower income brackets, according to September's Consumer Reports Index, released on Tuesday.

New Cars That Lost the Most Value in 2010

Almost nothing loses its value faster after being bought than a car, and 24/7 Wall St. has found the 10 worst performers from a resale standpoint. But the reason most people would expect a new vehicle to drop in value -- poor reliability -- is rarely why they actually depreciated so much.

What Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Is Obsessing About

Amazon (AMZN) boss Jeff Bezos doesn't take the usual approach to sales, technology or even competition. At this week's ShopSmart summit, he spoke with candor about his idiosyncratic strategies, growth opportunities, and how digital technology is still reshaping retailing.

Asian Automakers Top Consumer Report's 'Best Value' List

Asian automakers have traditionally fared well in tests conducted by Consumer Reports magazine, and this year is no exception. Overall, eight Japanese and Korean models were named "best values" in their segments, the publication said Monday.

Is Inflation Really 1.6%, or Is the BLS Getting Scammed?

Government measures show that inflation, at 1.6% in January, is still below the Fed's target of 2%. But commodity prices are soaring, and anyone who pays their household bills knows that food and energy prices are rising because of it. Is the Consumer Price Index getting it wrong?

Ford and Toyota in Dead Heat Among Consumer Perceptions

Toyota's recent spate of quality woes have allowed competitors to steal sales from the beleaguered automaker. Ford is also catching up with Toyota in another important measure of auto industry success -- consumers' opinions of vehicle brands.

Setback for Ford From Consumer Reports

Ford Motor Co. has been making great strides on quality measurements from Consumer Reports and J.D. Power and Associates, the two leading arbiters of...

GM Vehicles Rise in Consumer Reports' Latest Quality Survey

Although Honda and Toyota remain the benchmark of reliability in the U.S. automobile industry, General Motors has made considerable strides in improving the quality of its cars and trucks, according to the magazine's 2010 Annual New Car Reliability Survey.

Consumer Reports to Rate Heart Surgery Groups

Consumer Reports, well known for its objective rankings of consumer goods, will expand its ratings reach to cover surgical groups. Using data from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons, the magazine will rate heart surgery groups based on their outcomes in bypass surgery.

Apple's Top iPhone Hardware Executive Exits

Mark Papermaster, Apple's senior executive for iPhone hardware, has left the company, leaving behind a firestorm of controversy surrounding the iPhone 4 and its antenna problems, and the resultant complaints about reception.

Dangerous dietary supplements?

A new report by Consumer Reports Magazine says dietary supplements sold in the U.S. are often contaminated and may cause serious health...

Apple's BP Moment: Will Steve Jobs Stop the iPhone Damage?

Apple has hurriedly called a press conference Friday to address the iPhone 4's antenna problems. But Jobs & Co. may have a BP problem -- it urgently needs to address the phone's defect candidly and restore its customers' confidence.

Apple to Hold iPhone Press Conference Friday

Apple (AAPL) will hold a press conference at 10 AM Pacific time on Friday. It is presumed that the event will address reports of problems with weak signals and dropped calls from its new iPhone 4.

Consumer Reports: Slow to Finger iPhone 4 Flaw

It's been nearly three weeks since the iPhone 4 went on sale. But it wasn't until yesterday that Consumer Reports, the ultimate authority in which big-ticket items to buy and which to bypass, warned its readers to steer clear of the trendy new device.

Consumer Reports' Slap Stings Apple -- and Boosts Google

The magazine's stinging rebuke over the iPhone's antenna problems ultimately may not deter too many Apple afficianados from buying, but the biggest beneficiary will be Google. It seems that its Android operating system is gaining momentum every day.