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What's Missing From Google's Proposed Inflation Index

The search giant may use its vast database of Web-shopping data to construct a daily measure of inflation called the Google Price Index, or GPI. It can be calculated much quicker than the official CPI, but it covers only what can be sold on the Web.

The Fed Remains on the Lookout for Deflation

Most investors know that large budget deficits can lead to an increase in inflation. However, given the current price trend, to remove fiscal, or monetary, stimulus now would be precisely the wrong policy to follow: deflation, not inflation, remains the bigger threat to the economy.

Good economic news: Consumer prices up

The news that consumer prices are up may not sound like good news, but it is during a recession. The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers, or...

Consumer price watch

Everyone's worried about inflation, and the Labor Department just released March numbers to help us assess where we are as a country. There was a...