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Despite April, Consumer Credit Remains Mired

Consumer credit rose a slight $1 billion in April, but March's total was deeply slashed -- to a $5.4 billion decrease from the initial $2 billion rise. The revision means total consumer debt has fallen in 12 of the last 14 months.

Consumer Credit Unexpectedly Rises in March

Americans' use of credit unexpectedly rose in March as total consumer debt increased by 1% or $1.95 billion, though revolving debt, the category that includes credit card use, declined.

Your Credit Card Is Watching, and May Not Like Where You Shop

Your credit card issuer already knows whether you have a pet, watch porn or garden in your spare time. But what they are most interested in are changes in your spending patterns. Start shopping at the dollar store instead of Williams-Sonoma and they may just take that as a sign of financial hardship -- a fear that could cause them to cap the credit limit on the account or close it altogether.

Debt Pay-Down Resumes: Consumer Credit Fell in Feb.

American consumers returned to their frugal ways in February, when total consumer debt plunged unexpectedly by $11.5 billion, the Federal Reserve said. January was the first month in a year during which consumer debt rose, and the decline is putting a drag on the U.S. economic recovery.

U.S. Credit Card Balances Drop Again

There's no doubt that Americans are getting serious about paying down credit-card balances and other debt. The era of the more frugal U.S. consumer continued in December as total consumer debt fell by $1.73 billion, marking the 11th straight monthly decline.

Credit Card Debt Falls for Record 10th Month

Just call it the credit card sound of silence: Americans reduced their credit card balances for a record 10th straight month in November, the U.S. Federal Reserve announced Friday.

Good news? Holiday spending to be flat

Holiday sales are expected to be flat in the United States this year. This is an improvement over last year, when holiday sales dropped 2.4 percent....