When Investment Properties Attack

After the heady days of the housing bubble, many Americans have found themselves renting out recently acquired properties. But being an accidental landlord can have a pricey dark side.

2011 Predictions for Home Sellers

Past is prologue, they say. And that's certainly true when looking forward to what the housing market will hold for home sellers next year....

Three Companies That Are . . . Cutting Prices

Amazon, Volkswagen and a group of Florida real estate companies are drastically dropping the prices of some of their key products. In the video above, Douglas McIntyre reveals which products are getting the biggest price cuts. Could these cuts be a sign that deflation is at work? McIntyre does not believe that is the case.

Would you buy a condo on a barge?

Condominiums have a reputation for being not quite as exciting as single-family homes. But a new Houston-based condominium development that runs...