Microsoft and Facebook Partner On Social Search

Microsoft Corp. and Facebook today expanded their partnership by unveiling a feature that lets users of Microsoft's Bing search engine to find websites preferred by their Facebook friends.

Facebook Adds Group Posts: More Cliques to Come?

Facebook on Wednesday said it has revamped its so-called 'Groups' feature to make it easier for members to send messages to subgroups of friends, instead of messaging either one person at a time or everyone on their friend list.

Motorola Buys Location-Based Software Firm Aloqa

Motorola is snapping up location-based software maker Aloqa as part of its strategy to differentiate its smartphones with the help of software. Aloqa's technology pushes information to smartphone users about events or special offers from merchants near their locations.

Google's Android Gobbles Smartphone Share

Google's Android mobile operating system continues to gobble up chunks of the rapidly expanding smartphone market at the expense of Apple, Research In Motion and Microsoft. Since last October, Android's market share has jumped from 2.8% to 13%.

Is Twitter Slipping or Regrouping?

Taken as a whole, 2009 was a great year for Twitter. Yet, 2009 wasn%u2019t a whole: it came in parts. Those that came at the beginning of the year were more favorable than those that followed, leading many to suspect that Twitter reached its peak last August.

Google Search Market Lead Gains over Rivals

Google continued its seemingly unstoppable climb upward in search market share in December. The Web giant's search engine accounted for 65.7% of Americans' 14.7 billion searches for the month, up from 65.6% in November. No. 2 Microsoft's share lagged far behind at 10.7%.

Bing loses its bang with fewer ads

The monthly search engine rankings have become something of a must-read for those who follow the space, with Microsoft's vaunted Bing making huge...

Twitter opens the door to advertising

Rapidly growing microblogging site Twitter might have found a way to generate revenue. The social media platform, which has been around for two...