Midday Report: The Top 10 Companies by Reputation

We all love lists, and Harris Interactive is out with its annual ranking of companies with the best reputations. Here are the top ten, as well those companies that suffered the worst declines in image.

10 American Companies That Will Disappear in 2011

24/7 Wall St. recently looked at a number of large American companies, some of which are owned by foreign companies, to see which will disappear in 2011. It didn't take long to come up with a list of familiar names such as Sara Lee, Office Depot, Borders, E*Trade and five others.

As Commodities Spike, Inflation Worries Grow

As consumer and investor confidence shows signs of mending, rekindled fears of inflation are on the rise as well. Faced with higher costs and limited pricing power, many companies may have to hammer profit margins -- a possibility that has already started to take a toll on stocks.

How to Exploit Your Employer -- and Why You Should

In these slimmed down times, employees often pick up more responsibilities at work without receiving more pay. But there is a bright side. James Altucher of Formula Capital explains how you can turn the tables to help your employer while also taking steps to ensure a better future for you. Here's what you need to do.

The Growing Strains Between Employees and Employers

A new report from Hewitt Associates highlight a growing tension between stressed employers and fatigued workers, who are responding to a lengthy period of uncertainty and confusion brought about by the recession and their companies' actions.

Companies That Will Lead Us Out of the Recession

As the U.S. economy withdraws from the worst recession since the Great Depression, there are certain growth companies that will help to move the process along. In this Special Report, Growth Matters, you will find some 30 innovative, U.S. and European companies that are leading the way.

The Science Behind Naming Products and Companies

Vudu. JooJoo. Boorah. It almost seems as if companies are just randomly picking names for their latest product or the company, out of a hat. But consumers would be surprised at how much actual thought (and money) goes into the process of dubbing a tobacco maker Altria or an instant coffee Via.

Career-Management Tips for 2010

Though the odds may seem daunting, job seekers shouldn't view finding new employment as an impossible goal, says workplace expert John Challenger, chief executive at employment consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas. "The key to success is to take an active approach and make your own opportunities," he says.

Jobless Claims Improve Again

Fresh data shows the nation's labor market is continuing to improve modestly. The number of people filing new claims for unemployment fell to a seasonally adjusted 432,000 for the week ending Dec. 26, the Labor Department reports, down 22,000 from the previous week's 454,000.

Health Coverage for Jobless Extended

Congress gave recently laid-off workers a holiday gift of sorts by extending a subsidy to help them pay health-insurance premiums. The provision extends the 65% subsidy for six months, for a total of 15 months, and expands eligibility for the program for two more months -- through February 2010.