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Borrowing Trouble at Microlender

Peer-to-peer lending site has stopped letting high-risk borrowers use its site because too many of them failed to repay their loans. The site's problem, says columnist and one-time lender Alex Salkever, is that Prosper got in the way of letting a social bond form between microborrower and microlender.

Tips to Reduce Your Banking Costs

Everyone knows that if you want to save money, banks are a great place to sock it away. But if you're not saving enough these days, you might want to...

Commercial Real Estate's Coming $1.4 Trillion Crisis

Between now and 2014, a wave of commercial real estate loan failure threatens to swamp the nation's already-weak financial system. The Congressional Oversight Panel warned this week that the potential defaults could push thousands of smaller banks into failure.

How Small Banks Profit from Rivals' Failures

The big national banks get most of the attention, but it turns out that small banks are even more interested than their larger competitors when it comes to snapping up failed former rivals. Some 46% of small banks say they're interested in bidding for failed banks' assets or deposits, compared with just 36% of large banks.

Obama, Geithner Target Loan Help To Worst-Hit Areas

As part of an effort to redirect TARP funds from Wall Street to Main Street, the Treasury Department Wednesday announced a program that will help local financial institutions get more loans out to people and businesses in the communities hardest hit by the recession.

Obama's Budget: Jobs Now, Lower Debt Later

President Obama's budget plan for 2011 includes about $100 billion in spending to address the issues of unemployment and economic weakness. The funds will go to small-business tax cuts, social safety net programs, aid to states, and investments in clean energy and infrastructure.