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Shop 'Til It Drops: Take a Virtual Tour of a Dead Mall

First U.S. manufacturing collapsed under the pressure from low-wage labor overseas, leaving the landscape dotted with hollowed-out plants and gutted factories. Now, the suffering retail sector has left us with increasing number of abandoned malls.

Oh, the Irony! Bank of America Plaza Faces Foreclosure

Atlanta%u2019s Bank of America Plaza is one of the 10 tallest structures in the U.S. And thanks to troubles at its namesake bank and other one-time tenants, the skyscraper could be one of the tallest foreclosure tales of the financial crisis.

This Could Be a Good Year for Commercial Real Estate

Finally, a couple of forces are joining to brighten the sector's outlook. Particularly, a lack of new building is tightening supply and improving economic conditions are creating reasons for existing properties to rise in value.

In Construction, a Year of Flat Growth Would Be Welcome

If you want to see how the construction industry will do in 2011, look at how the architects did in 2010. By that gauge, last year's thin uptick in spending on building design and engineering services foretells a similar small gain ahead for builders -- and after two years of steep declines, any growth at all is welcome news.

Low Retail Property Prices: Trouble for Big Chains?

Although retail sales and retailer share prices have rallied back to their 2007 highs, retail property prices remain depressed -- an unusual divergence that has grown significantly since mid-2008. And a deeper look at the reasons behind that split suggest harder times ahead for major retail firms.

Google Plans New York Expansion: Buys $1.8 Billion Building

Google has bought a 15-story building that previously housed the New York Port Authority headquarters. The building, in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, has more square feet than the Empire State Building. The purchase is sign the company is expanding in the Big Apple.

ING Forecasts Market Growth of 8% to 12% in 2011

ING Investment Management forecasts that stock markets will rise between 8% and 12% in 2011, thanks to a low-inflation, low-interest environment supported by the Fed, despite weak GDP growth. And for those looking for to increase their investment yields, they have a few suggestions.

America's 10 Biggest Real Estate Deals: Manhattan Dominates

24/7 Wall St. analyzed large real estate transactions in the U.S. to come up with a list of the top 10 biggest deals. They're surprisingly homogeneous: All are in Manhattan, occurred in the past 10 years -- and most are office buildings.

Where Are All the Commercial Real Estate Foreclosures?

The residential real estate market is drowning in foreclosures, and the problem is broadening and worsening. Similar bad loans have been made in commercial real estate, so why isn't there a comparable flood of commercial foreclosures? Here's why.

Stimulus Lifts Construction Spending in August

Boosted by government projects, construction spending unexpectedly rose 0.4% in August. Though a single monthly gain hardly means the sector%u2019s long contraction is over, the data does hint that the period of large, monthly construction spending declines may be ending.

Where Real Estate Is Rocking Again: REIT ETFs

Amid all the whining about residential and commercial real estate markets, exchange-traded funds comprising real estate investment trusts have quietly been kicking butt. They're up 22% year-to-date through Sept. 21, compared to 3.71% for the the S&P 500 stock index.

Mixed News on Construction Spending

Boosted by the government's fiscal stimulus, construction spending unexpectedly rose 0.1% in June, the Commerce Department said. However, June's mild good news was offset by a large, downward revision to a 1% spending decline from a previously-announced 0.2% decline for May.

Gary Shilling: A Rough Ride Ahead for the Economy

The U.S. economy has been though the wringer and now Gary Shilling, president of A. Gary Shilling & Co., says things are not going to improve any time soon. In a video interview Shilling warns that we should brace for more hits to the economy. Here's what's coming and how to handle it.

GE Earnings Preview: Watch GE Capital Services

The industry titan is expected to post a soft quarter with an improving outlook. But analysts are still wary of its General Electric Capital Services bogeyman. Watch out if GECS's losses and impairments surpass the company's projections of $13 billion to $19 billion.

Simon Property Group: A Mall REIT That Won't Quit

Despite the dire warnings about commercial real estate, REITs have been on a roll. And Simon Property Group -- one of the world's largest mall owners -- is now highly favored by some investors who see it as the big winner if economic rebound gains strength.

Banks Face Stiff Headwinds, Time to Take Some Profits

Bank stock have been on a tremendous run over the last few months. But changes in the banking world, from souring commercial real estate loans to higher interest rates, suggest that the sector could come under pressure in the second half of the year.

Largest Ever U.S. Mall Complex May Never Open

Xanadu, the gargantuan New Jersey entertainment retail complex, could be toast. Less than a year ago, analysts were arguing that the project was "too big to fail," but the state of New Jersey may be considering a move to seize the land as the developer struggles to find new financiers.

Commercial Real Estate's Coming $1.4 Trillion Crisis

Between now and 2014, a wave of commercial real estate loan failure threatens to swamp the nation's already-weak financial system. The Congressional Oversight Panel warned this week that the potential defaults could push thousands of smaller banks into failure.

Expert Sees Big Apple Real Estate First to Rebound

Manhattan real estate mogul Elie Hirschfeld expects the New York real estate market to recover ahead of other areas of the country as overbuild office space is absorbed and properties are snapped up in distress and foreclosure sales.

Five Potential Potholes on Road to Recovery

News that business inventories and industrial production are rising suggests the U.S. economic recovery is on track. But unlike previous recessions, there are five potential "potholes" in the road ahead. Declining employment and increasing commercial real estate foreclosures are two possible biggies.

Commercial Real Estate's Big Threat to Economy

Losses on commercial property loans are one problem. But a bigger, often-overlooked, risk is the potential for CRE to be a drag on the U.S. economy for years to come, or its potential to trigger a slide back, into a double-dip recession.

Commercial Real Estate Loans Gone Bad Imperil Banks

It's no secret that one of the biggest dangers facing banks today is that loans to builders of office towers, malls and other commercial properties are going sour at a quickening pace. Financial regulators, including Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. chief Sheila Bair, have warned of the risk.