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Are Comic Books a Smart Investment?

Rising enthusiasm for comic books has led some to view them as an investment like rare baseball cards or stamps. There's good reason for this: History shows that hard-to-find comics can command huge sums. But should you put your money in the hands of superheroes?

Marvel May Kill Off At Least One 'Spider-Man'

Marvel Entertainment plans to unveil a new storyline in February titled "Death of Spider-Man," implying that at least one version of the popular 48-year-old character will be killed off.

POW! Stan Lee Talks About the Comic Biz

Comic icon Stan Lee and Gill Champion, COO of Pow! Entertainment discuss comic books, Disney's recent investment in POW! Entertainment, and what investors can look forward to in the coming months.

Comicbook Titans Clash Over Copyright Issues

Copyright infringement fights are nothing new in the world of comic books. Now comes the newest, most epic clash yet, featuring two of the industry's biggest titans, Neil Gaiman and Todd MacFarlane, battling it out over the rights to specific characters! Who will win? Only time will tell.