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New College Grad? Hope You Learned to Tend Bar

When history tallies up the biggest losers of the Great Recession, it's not hard to guess who will top the list. Facing a brutal job market, plummeting wages, and a mountain of debt, many recent college grads have fallen behind before they've officially started their careers.

Hot Majors for 2011

Forget about globalization studies or underwater archaeology, the hot majors for 2011 are still some of the most traditional. Of the 1.5 million...

Five 'Impractical' Majors That Might Make You Rich

There aren't many surprises on the lists of which college majors tend to yield the lowest salaries. But what matters more than your major is what you do with your degree after you graduate. These courses of study may do poorly on average, but the skills they teach could turn you into a big winner.

Is the Wrong College Major a Ticket to a Low Salary?

The compensation experts at Payscale recently reported on the best- and worst-paying college majors in America -- but don't put all your faith in those averages. Yes, salaries are lower for those who studied social work or art history, but it's what you do with your degree that really counts.

Where you go to school DOES matter

From the pages of the Wall Street Journal this morning (subscription required) comes a new survey that reveals what we've all long suspected. Where...