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The Top 10 Most Depressing Student Loan Stories

With total student loan debt long past the $1 billion mark, activists are doing all they can to put as many faces on the crisis as possible. Their mission is simple: To convince Congress student loan debt should be dischargeable through personal bankruptcy.

Are You Photoshopping Your Finances?

It's one thing to use Photoshop to make your waistline look slimmer in your snapshots. Many people also take a distorted view of their finances, fooling themselves about the health of their balance sheets. Here are some common self-deceptions.

10 Financial Planning Tips for New Parents

The stork has arrived, bringing a beautiful baby girl or boy into your life. It also brought a ready-made drain on your wallet. The list of costs is seemingly endless: diapers, health care, child care, education, clothing, and much more. Here are some family-planning tips to keep your finances from interfering in the joy of parenting.

Son's Death Leaves Couple With $81,000 in Student Loans

Ralph and Joan Grande of Barnegat, New Jersey, thought they were helping their son Vincent and making a prudent decision when they co-signed on $81,000 in student loans for him so that he could attend Monmouth University. Then last November, Vincent was killed in a car accident at the age of 25. He had been studying to become a stock broker.