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Expert Tips for Taming the High Price of College Prep

Sending your kid to college can be a budget buster, but even before freshman move-in day, the application process can drain your wallet: prep courses, application essay tutors, campus visits and more. Before that happens to you, here's what you need to know to tame the costs of college prep.

Why to Ditch Out On Early-Decision College Agreements

More parents are realizing they don't need to ruin themselves financially for their children's education. But what if you have that epiphany after your kid has applied to her first-choice school early decision? If they accept her, she's committed, right? Wrong. You can -- and should -- break the contract.

Stop Stressing About Your Kid's College Admissions

As a new wave of high school students enter the college admissions horse race, here's a bit of advice for their parents: Stop looking at your kid and worrying about why he doesn't seem interested in getting into a top school. Instead, look in the mirror and worry about why you do care so much.