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The Financial Landscape: SEC Fines JPM Over CDOs

The news across the financial world is good for unions, which will find organizing a bit easier; adequate for Greece, which will find getting bailed out a bit easier, and bitter for JPMorgan which had to accept a $153.6 million SEC fine for misleading investors about a mortgage securities transaction.

Goldman Sachs Hires Former White House Counsel Gregory Craig

Embattled investment bank Goldman Sachs reportedly has hired a former top legal adviser to the Obama administration, ex-Counsel Gregory Craig. The move comes as Goldman's legal troubles spread overseas: The U.K. is opening its own investigation into the bank's actions.

AIG May Sue Goldman for $2 Billion in CDO Fraud Case

According to The Financial Times, AIG is hoping to piggyback on the SEC's fraud case against Goldman Sachs to recover $2 billion that it paid the investment bank. But what's missing from the article is any evidence that AIG has a case against Goldman.