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What You Need to Know About Netflix's Price Hike

Netflix sent shockwaves through the living room yesterday after revealing that it will separate its mail-served discs and streaming service into two distinct pricing plants. And while the initial reaction by many subscribers has been outrage, there's really no need to panic. Here are some myths and misconceptions creating undue concern about Netflix's new deal.

Redbox vs. Netflix: Streaming Game On

The ubiquitous Redbox video kiosk is about to land in the browser and Wall Street thinks that's a great idea. Coinstar (CSTR) executives announced during the company's earnings call Thursday that the spare change kiosk company's Redbox subsidiary planned to introduce a streaming video service in the near future as a complement to its physical location business. Red-hot Redbox has blanketed America with popular and handy $1 video rental kiosks that are particularly amenable to impulse rentals.