Why the Starbucks-Kraft Dispute Likely Comes Down to Instant Coffee

Since 1998, Starbucks has contracted with Kraft Foods to distribute its bagged coffee through grocery stores. In letters released to The Wall Street Journal and Reuters, Kraft fired yet another salvo in its bid to hold together this deal, which Starbucks now wants to undo.

Starbucks to Renovate Fewer Stores in 2011

Starbucks (SBUX) plans to reduce the number of stores it renovates in 2011 as it focuses on flagship outlets, Bloomberg News reported. The company will leave its renovation budget unchanged at $250 million, but renovate only about half the 1,900 stores due to be upgraded next year, development chief Arthur Rubinfeld told Bloomberg News.

Coffee and the world economy

Coffee has kick-started many a financial venture, but some of us may under-appreciate its importance in the world economy. Our friends at

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to Buy Van Houtte for $891 Million

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. (GMCR) will buy gourmet coffee roaster Van Houtte for C$915 million ($891 million). Van Houtte is currently owned by investment fund Littlejohn & Co., which took the company private in a deal worth about C$600 million in 2007.

Starbucks to Experiment with Wine and 'Coffee Theater'

Starbucks has started experimenting with ways to bring coffee lovers back. It's been trying to attract customers by selling everything from CDs to instant coffee. And now, in what may be its most daring attempt yet, it's getting into wine and coffee theater.

Coffee, the new health food?

Coffee, the new health food?You know it gives you a morning buzz and makes that wait in the Starbucks line worth it. But here's something you may not have realized about coffee:...

Starbucks Announces First-Ever Dividend

Starbucks shareholders will now be getting some actual bucks with their java: The company's board of directors announced on Wednesday that it would issue its first-ever cash dividend. The 10 cents per share payout is an acknowledgment of the success of company's painful recent restructuring.

Why America Can't Get a Great Cup of Coffee

When it comes to ground coffee, blends of beans are the top sellers in America. Sadly, this means most buyers aren't getting a great cup of java, says Consumer Reports, which tested 37 varieties without finding a single one it could rate "excellent" or "very good."