Is U.S. Coal Overhyped?

There are big issues in the global mining industry. Mining equipment producers Joy Global and Caterpillar have both reported falling...

4 Companies Dominating Coal

The Energy Information Administration recently noted that Peabody Energy , Arch Coal , Alpha Natural Resources , and Cloud Peak supply half...

The "Triple Net Lease" Coal Company

Triple net lease is a term used in real estate to describe a property owner that leaves all of the expenses to its renters. Realty Income is...

Is President Obama Trying to Kill King Coal?

Republican lawmakers are alleging that the EPA's new greenhouse gas regulations would kill the U.S. coal industry by making it too expensive to build new coal-fueled power plants. But even if that's true, how will it impact you?

America Will Be Energy Independent By 2030

The energy situation is looking pretty grim for much of the world. But here in North America? We're sitting pretty. Thanks to a boom in natural gas production from shale, and oil production from Canada's tar sands, North America will become an energy exporter over the coming decades.

EPA's Christmas Gift to You: Fewer Toxins in Your Air

Last week, the EPA unveiled rules that establish the first national limits on power plant emissions of a host of poisonous airborne pollutants. It's estimated that they'll save the country billions of dollars in health care costs.