The Five-Minute Guide to News Corp.'s Scandals

It's truly touching to see how concerned the New York Post is about CNN's innocence following its hire of Eliot Spitzer. But while the Post looks out for CNN's soul, who's looking out for the Post's?

CNN Drops AP: Old Media Models Vs. New Journalism

CNN has cut ties with the Associated Press, whose wire service has been a backbone of American news media for over a century. The move says volumes about how the news industry and its traditional business models are changing in the ever-accelerating information age.

Spitzer Needs a No-Nonsense Co-Host

CNN's in talks to hire Eliot Spitzer, even though the former New York governor comes with plenty of baggage. One solution to his image problem: Pair him with a strong female cohost.

Why a CBS and CNN Partnership Might Happen

CNN and CBS have unsuccessfully flirted with the idea of a partnership many times in the past. But now they're giving it another whirl. Could a recent fall in CNN's fortunes make it ready to commit?

Will Larry King's Low Ratings Hasten His Retirement?

Larry King's status as CNN's top-rated host has long kept unwanted talk of retirement at bay. But with his audience falling 43 percent in the last three months, speculating about his replacement may no longer be an idle exercise.

Obama to America: Switch Off Cable News

President Obama is exhorting Americans to break the cable news habit. And he's right, because cable news emphasizes unimportant and visually sensational "news" instead of information with actual news value.

Keith Olbermann's Shtick: Getting Stale?

When the left needed a forceful voice to rally around, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann became so popular that MSNBC reoriented its primetime lineup around it. But today, creeping indications suggest that viewers might have lost some patience with Olbermann's shenanigans.

John King replaces Lou Dobbs at CNN

Lou Dobbs's replacement may not draw the same kind of ratings as his predecessor, but he won't cause the same kind of headaches, either. The network...