How to Beat Jim Cramer's Portfolio for Free

Finance expert Dan Solin has a simple gripe with CNBC's Jim Cramer: The "Mad Money" host acts like he has some special insight into the markets that is of value to investors, despite clear evidence that he doesn't. So how can you get better returns than Cramer? Read on.

CNBC Loses Gasparino but Keeps Faber

Did Fox Business Network score a major coup when it hired tough-talking CNBC reporter Charlie Gasparino (pictured) to be its new senior correspondent? Charlie Gasparino certainly thinks so. In fact, he's already tweeted about a scoop: "I've already started kicking ass!"

Famed Investor Jim Rogers Says Food Shortages Coming

A severe food shortage is on its way, according to famed investor Jim Rogers. Food inventories are the lowest in decades and "[m]any farmers cannot get loans to buy fertilizer now, even though we have big shortages developing," he said.

Obama takes on Fox News, loses

When is Barack Obama going to learn that presidents shouldn't play press critic? It didn't work for Richard Nixon. It didn't work for Bill Clinton or...

Would it be better to liquidate GM?

The CNBC Power Lunch shouters love to moan about how horrible it is that the government is putting money into General Motors (GM). They shout: "Why...

Jim Cramer freaks out and attacks me!

First, the backstory.

I was invited to go on CNBC on Friday to debate the merits of continuing to invest in 401(k) plans.

My position is that most...

Does CNBC need a liberal makeover?

CNBC's Rick Santelli and screamin' Jim Cramer are the AIG and Citi Group of TV pundits du jour. Their famous playground fight with American...