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Microsoft After Ray Ozzie May Be a Little Less Magical

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's chief software architect, was the perfect visionary foil to strategy-obsessed CEO Steve Ballmer. His entrepreneurial thinking pushed the stodgy software giant into cloud computing and SaaS, and got it back into the mobile OS race. Can anyone fill his soon-to-be-vacated shoes?

Cloud Computing Stocks Take a Breather

Cloud-computing stocks got hammered Wednesday when hosting services provider Equinix lowered its guidance. While the dips may be stomach churning, look at them as opportunities to invest in a field that is likely to grow for the long haul.

Big Tech's Buying Binge: Who Will Be Acquired Next?

IBM, Oracle, Hewlett Packard and Intel have been on a buying spree of late, and it's virtually guaranteed that they'll be purchasing more companies over the next several months. But which companies will they target next? Here are eight strong possibilities you might want to buy into.

Hewlett-Packard to Purchase 3Par for $2.35 Billion

Technology company Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) will purchase utility storage company 3Par Inc (PAR) for $2.35 billion or $33 a share. The agreement between the two companies ends 3Par%u2019s merger agreement with chip-maker Dell Inc. (DELL), with 3Par agreeing to pay Dell $72 million as a termination fee.

Why HP and Dell Are Crazy About 3Par

The bidding war for 3Par, which specializes in utility storage, now values the company at three times what it was worth before the offers started coming. What is it about 3Par that's so promising? It's all about the "cloud."

NASA, Rackspace Join Forces in Cloud Computing Deal

Clouds float free, but customers using cloud computing services are often nailed down by proprietary software. Not for long: This week, No. 2 cloud services provider Rackspace Hosting said it will join forces with NASA to make their software open-source in an initiative called OpenStack.

Do Intel's Record Earnings Signal a New Tech Boom?

Intel's record earnings suggest that companies are starting to loosen up a bit on tech spending: They are finally replacing their 4- and 5-year-old PCs. This replacement cycle should bid up the stocks of other PC makers -- but how long will this wave of IT buying last?

Game Over: Why the Console Business Is Doomed

Video-game console makers apparently think their business will be saved by motion-sensing technology that would let you play Madden NFL 11 by running around your living room. Sorry, guys: Smart phone, social network and cloud-based games are going to drink your milkshake.

HP Aims to Power Up in Cloud Computing

HP's major restructuring will free up significant resources for investing in new initiatives like cloud computing. That's a key area that will account for a growing proportion of technology spending in the years to come.

Private Cloud Computing Takes Off

Public services like Web-based e-mail are the most common form of cloud computing. But some businesses, uneasy about the security and reliability of publicly shared IT infrastructure, are building private clouds, while tech vendors like Akamai are moving to meet the need.

Microsoft's Enterprise Sales Are Powering Up

Microsoft dominates the market for consumer software, but the guts of corporate IT are often built on rivals' products. Now, Redmond's sales to businesses are growing at a much faster pace, thanks to a stronger economy and a robust pipeline of new products.

IBM Gets its Head in the Cloud with Cast Iron Buy

As with any new technology, cloud computing has its doubters, but increasingly, it's becoming clear that the answer is that it's more than hype, and even old-school icon IBM has gotten the message: It's buying top cloud firm Cast Iron.

Google Opens Market for Enterprise Apps

Google turns up the heat on rivalry with Microsoft and opens the door for a new crop of startups with its new marketplace for cloud-based enterprise apps.

Google Takes Another Shot at Microsoft Office

This week, Google acquired DocVerse, which develops collaboration software for Microsoft Office products. While the price tag was not disclosed, the rumor is that it was around $25-$30 million. But the impact on Office could be many times greater.

Google Picks Up Photo Utility Site Picnik

Last fall, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt said that his company would aim to make at least one small acquisition every month. So far, Schmidt has followed through. Google has acquired eight companies over the past six months. The latest is Seattle-based Picnik, a photo utility site.

Is Windows 7 the dawn of a new era?

Microsoft's latest offering is here. But will Windows 7 reclaim the clout that operating systems enjoyed in the pre-Windows Vista era? Or will it...