Treasury Rushed GM, Chrysler Dealers to Close

The Obama administration's auto industry task force failed to fully consider how many jobs would be lost at car dealerships when it rushed General Motors and Chrysler into bankruptcy last year, a report issued Sunday says.

GM and Chrysler Dealers to Learn Their Fates

General Motors and Chrysler dealers whose outlets were slated for closure will soon learn whether their appeals to stay in business or reopen have been successful. Arbitration hearings are set to wind up Wednesday, and decisions are due by the end of next week.

GM Gives 900 Car Dealerships a Second Chance

When GM descended into bankruptcy last year, the automaker had excess plant capacity, more brands than it needed and -- so it thought -- too many dealers. But the new GM is backtracking on that last item: The company plans on reinstating 900 car dealerships it had sought to shut down.