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Impact Investing: Making Your Money Count

For some time, investors who wanted to put their money where their morals were have chosen socially responsible investing -- steering their cash away from firms whose practices they disapproved of. Now comes impact investing, which uses invested funds to solve social or environmental goals and earn competitive returns, too.

Can You Profit from Obama's New Energy Policy?

Last week, President Obama outlined a new energy policy that aims to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil by using more natural gas, wind and solar power, and encouraging manufacturers to build more fuel-efficient cars. But how can patient investors capitalize on these trends?

Clean Energy Revenues Grew in '09 -- but Not Solar

Despite the world's economic woes, the global clean-energy market grew in 2009, becoming a $139.1 billion industry and the largest venture-capital category, according to a new Clean Edge report. But although solar installations increased, solar revenues fell because of plunging prices.

It's Show-Time for Bloom Energy's Supersecret Fuel Cells

After a long period of ever-escalating anticipation, the startup California cleantech company is finally unveiling its technology. Will the claims of breakthroughs in terms of efficiency, affordability and scalability (and don't forget cost) get borne out at last?

Absence of Smart Grid in Budget Talks Isn't Smart

When announcing his $3.8 trillion budget, Obama didn't mention the "smart grid," long key to his infrastructure spending plans. That's a shame, as improving our utility grid could create jobs as well as make us greener, more efficient and more competitive.