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In Juarez, Housing Crisis Is a Symptom of the Drug Wars

In the U.S., a real estate crisis has left some neighborhoods virtually abandoned. But in the border towns of Mexico, most notably Ciudad Juarez, a different disease is causing the same symptoms: the brutal escalation of the war among drug traffickers.

Juarez Chic? Fashion Makes a Wrong Turn at the Border

Fashion label Rodarte and M.A.C. Cosmetics are changing some of the product names of a cosmetics and clothing line inspired by violence-ridden border town Ciudad Juarez. The collection features off-white chiffon and lace garments and lipstick and nail polish in shades referred to as Factory, Juarez and Ghost Town.

Ciudad Juarez: From Boom Town to Ghost Town?

Once among Mexico's most prosperous cities, Ciudad Juarez has lost 120,000 jobs and 6,000 businesses in two years amid rising drug violence. The problems threaten the city's maquiladoras, or assembly lines, which employ 80% of the city's workforce and represent $1 billion a year in production, much of it destined for export.