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Chinese Firms Will Be IPO Fixtures in the U.S. in 2011

Look for Chinese companies to keep the U.S. IPO pipeline primed in 2011, coming off a year when they accounted for nearly a third of U.S. offerings. But they'll be less prominent on private exchanges like SharesPost, Second Market and Xpert Securities.

A Love Story That Could Break Investors' Hearts

The Chinese online-video site had the strongest first-day rally of any company on a U.S. exchange since China's Baidu in 2005. But the flip side to promise is risk -- and the risks of pinning big hopes on Youku are also big.

Launched in China,'s Stock Goes Into Orbit

Have the markets entered an IPO time warp? This week, Chinese deals were red-hot. Take a look at In Wednesday's debut, itsstock soared 161% to $33.44, raising $203 million. It marked the best return since Baidu hit the markets five years ago.

Chinese Monks to Issue Stock

China's world-famous Shaolin monks are joining forces with state-owned China Travel Service to promote travel to their 1,500-year-old monastery. The new company will raise as much as 1 billion yuan ($146.4 million) in a share listing.