Financial Tradeoffs Parents are Making for Their Families

Every parent knows that children aren't cheap. The average cost of raising a family has grown higher than ever, and parents are making some sacrifices to pay it. Here are some of the common tradeoffs new mothers and fathers are making.

Bain Capital to Buy Gymboree for $1.8 Billion

Children's clothing retailer Gymboree (GYMB) has agreed to be acquired by private-equity firm Bain Capital Partners for $1.8 billion in an all-cash deal, the companies said Monday.

Bill Gates Sr. Opens a Window Into His Son's Stormy Youth

Parents of less-than-perfect offspring, take heart: It turns out, perhaps not surprisingly, that Harvard University drop-out, Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates was, at times, a difficult kid, at least according to his father.

Jobless get help with childcare

Some help for the unemployed with children, or at least those in parts of North Carolina, is being offered through a childcare program. The Little...