NY Times Expands Growth Plans, Despite Ad Woes

No wonder The New York Times is so anxious to start getting readers to open their wallets. In the fourth quarter of 2009, when other huge newspaper companies were experiencing a mild turnaround, The New York Times Co. recorded a 14.7% drop in advertising revenue, according to its year-end earnings report.

Owner of Pizzeria Uno Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Wednesday. As part of its restructuring, the company has agreed to convert $142 million in senior secured debt into a 96% equity stake in the company, giving it what Uno's website refers to as the "resources to invest in its growth opportunities."

It's Sears' tower no more

Today, the Sears name has disappeared from a piece of history. The iconic skyscraper that it once called home. The Sears Tower is now officially the...

Famous jeweler is closing up shop

Perhaps you've already heard. One of our beloved mall-based jewelry chains is closing it's doors for good. A quick trip to the Whitehall Jewelers...