10 best celebrity business owners

Fashion and music are some of the most popular ways celebrities turn their interests or hobbies into successful businesses, giving us regular folk...

Macy's to Sell Madonna's New Clothing Line

Macy's is going into business with Madonna to sell the new line of clothes and accessories the music icon designed with her teenage daughter, Lourdes. The Material Girl brand, which will be priced to appeal to teens, revives and revises some styles from the star's 1980s heyday.

Tiger Gets No Mention on Nike Earnings Call

Amid a flurry of chatter about Tiger Wood's expected comeback, one of his prime sponsors, Nike, remained conspicuously silent on the subject during its earnings call Wednesday.

Why Companies Spend Millions on Oscar 'Swag'

Even though the Academy Awards banned official swag bags four years ago (thanks to an IRS decree that actors must pay taxes on the gifts), companies still scramble to get their items into the luxury-laden gift baskets.

The best job in the world? Hardly

Many megabytes have been chewed up about the contest run by the Australian Tourism Bureau to be a highly paid beach bum, what the organizers dubbed...

Money Mistakes of the Rich and Famous

Walk past a newsstand these days and you'll see dozens of glossy magazines with the faces of the rich and famous staring back at you. Glamour, fame,...