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3 Reasons Why New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Could Get It Right

Longtime Google executive Marissa Mayer will be the next CEO of struggling dot-com pioneer Yahoo --the company's fifth leader in as many years. Turning Yahoo around would be a pretty daunting task, but there are some good reasons to believe Mayer has a shot.

Will Yang's Yahoo Departure Appease Angry Investors?

Yahoo's embattled co-founder Jerry Yang is off the board, but for disgruntled investor Third Point LLC, that's not good enough. The hedge fund with a 5.2% stake in Yahoo wants to take down Chairman Roy Bostock and potentially three other directors.

Is Yahoo's New CEO Sunk Before He Even Starts?

On Wednesday, Yahoo named Scott Thompson as CEO. He's a former PayPal president and veteran technologist -- and that's the trouble: Yahoo is following the same strategy that led it to hire Carol Bartz, who was ousted for failing to turn the company around.

What If Yahoo! Wants to Be Alone?

Everyone seems anxious to hook up Yahoo! these days. The dot-com pioneer has become that single aunt in every family whom everyone thinks sorely needs a soul mate. But what if Yahoo! is happy to be single? After all, it just spent $270 million on a acquisition of its own to beef up its online advertising.

Wackiness on Wall Street Last Week

Companies do the darndest things, and last week was no exception. Consider these recent surprises, blunders, and flat-out boneheaded moves, including: Talbots making like Yahoo and firing its CEO; Walmart returning to layaway financing; and digital recorder overkill from TiVo. (NO one watches that much telly.)

Yahoo's Board Eyes Replacement for Bartz

On Tuesday, Yahoo ousted embattled CEO Carol Bartz, potentially paving the way for media-savvy executive Ross Levinsohn to step in and lead the struggling Internet company. To date, some members of Yahoo's board are "very much impressed" with Levinsohn, according to one source.

After Carol Bartz: Buy Yahoo!

Carol Bartz was CEO of Yahoo! until yesterday, when she was unceremoniously fired. During her three year-tenure, Bartz pushed the stock price up 6.6%. Now the online giant's shares have moved roughly the same amount on news of her departure. But the market didn't send shares of Yahoo! higher because Bartz is gone, but rather because of what may come next.

Yahoo's Bartz Out as CEO

Internet company Yahoo announced late Tuesday that it had fired Carol Bartz as CEO. After more than two years of financial lethargy, investors became convinced that she couldn't steer Yahoo to a long-promised turnaround.

Yahoo's Analyst Day Leaves Many Questions Hanging

Yahoo's analyst day Wednesday addressed the steps the struggling Internet pioneer is taking to reposition the ship and revive its sagging stock, but on the subject of a controversial transaction involving one of its major Asian investments, its executives left a number of questions unanswered.

Yahoo Is Pleasing Investors, Instead of Its Users

Recent strategic moves made by Yahoo seem to be keeping some investors optimistic. But that could quickly change as the site's audience shrinks, advertising revenue falls and the once revered brand diminishes.

Private-Equity Firms Ask Alibaba to Join Yahoo Bid

A group of private-equity investors is calling on the CEO of Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group to throw his support behind a buyout offer for Yahoo, Reuters reports. Alibaba founder Jack Ma is reportedly considering his options regarding the U.S. firm that holds a 40% stake in his company.

Is Yahoo's Carol Bartz the Most Overpaid CEO?

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has been praised for her blunt, foul-mouthed management style. But with shares of the company down more than 14% this year, her $39 million pay package is a little hard to swallow.

Why Reviving Yahoo Is Such a Difficult Task

Is Yahoo a company that's impossible to revive? Averse to innovation and stuck in a lackluster market niche, the company seems to resist every effort to make it relevant again.

Yahoo's U.S. Advertising Chief Calls It Quits

Yahoo's top ad executive in the Americas is resigning, as the Internet pioneer struggles to raise its flagging revenues. The move represents yet another high-profile departure from Yahoo, but that may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Eight Boneheaded Blunders by America's Biggest CEOs

The CEOs of America's largest companies are often coached by a team of public relations professionals, but every once in awhile an executive goes rogue. Here are some of the biggest verbal blunders made by well-known chief executives.

Tensions Between Yahoo and Alibaba Grow Worse

The awkward relationship between Yahoo and Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba Group appears to be growing even more uneasy. The latest indication of this comes from a series of very public disclosures that Alibaba wants to buy back some of its shares from stakeholder Yahoo, but Yahoo doesn't want to sell.

Is Carol Bartz Out of Time to Revive Yahoo?

Carol Bartz has been running Yahoo for 18 months, and some investors are getting impatient. Revenue growth has been poor as Yahoo has been outpaced by the likes of Google and Facebook. If things don't improve soon, could Bartz be forced out?

Yahoo Approves
$3 Billion Stock Buyback Program

Yahoo's board gave the go-ahead for a hefty stock-repurchase program of up to $3 billion over a three year period, the company said in an SEC filing Wednesday. The stock has largely remained stagnant in the low- to mid-teens since CEO Carol Bartz came aboard early last year.

Daily Blogwatch: Is the Future of TV...TV?

Among Wednesday's best stories for investors are: why does Yahoo CEO fire people in the mornings and what's ahead for Dendreon after FDA approval of its cancer drug?

Yahoo Earnings Soar Above Estimates

Yahoo (YHOO) reported its first quarter results Tuesday that soundly beat Wall Street's earnings estimates, but fell short of analysts' expectations on revenues.

Did Yahoo CEO Bartz Grade Herself on a Curve?

Yahoo's Carol Bartz gave herself a "B minus" when Bloomberg News asked her to grade her first year running the Internet portal. Later this month, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company's earnings report will provide more data to test that evaluation.

Bing loses its bang with fewer ads

The monthly search engine rankings have become something of a must-read for those who follow the space, with Microsoft's vaunted Bing making huge...